Axial Expansion Bellows

Metal Expansion  Bellows  are used in closed piping systems with movements in any direction: axial, lateral, angular or a combination of the three types. Axial expansion joints aim to absorb the axial expansions. They do not change the direction of the flow Additional assemblage distance is not necessary Dividing the pipeline helps to prevent stress of lateral forces

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Movement Absorption

Axial shift and slight all-around movement of the expansion joint is possible. Axial expansion joints with two bellows are used to absorb larger movements.

Advantages of Axial Expansion Joints

  • Easy to absorb the expansion movements
  • No direction changes of the flow
  • Minimum application area
  • Possible lateral and angular expansion absorption by the additional bellows.
  • To provide a non-stressed area where the pressure is not too high such as pump and compressor applications.
  • Low application costs