Lateral Expansion Bellows

Lateral expansion joints absorb transverse and lateral movements and include restraints in the form of a ball bearing type tie rod or flat tie bar with bolts or cross hinges. A lateral expansion joint consists of two angular expansion joints connected by an intermediate pipe. The extent of the allowable lateral movement is controlled by a combination of the bending angle of the hinge arrangement and the length of the intermediate pipe.

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Lateral expansion bellows are available in two designs:

1) With tie rods – lateral movement between the bolt and flange is taken care by  the tie rods(minimum two tie rods). No axial movements are allowed in the system.

2) With flat iron hinges -fitted through the flanges and welded on the outside.

Key Features:

  • Compensation of movement in planar and spatial systems
  • Sizes up to DN 6000 and for higher pressures
  • Flanged or Weld End connections
  • Incorporation of patented anchoring structures