Universal Expansion Bellows

The movements occured in two directions can only be absorbed by using Lateral Epansion Joints. Universal tied expansion joints are made up of two bellows connected each other by an intermediate pipe and a system of tie rods able to withstand the thrust resulted of the internal pressure.

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Movement Absorption

This type of expansion joints are used to absorb lateral movements in all planes. Also, with a special

positioning of two tie rods at 180 degrees, the expansion joints bocomes able to absorb some lateral and angular deflections at the same time.

The amount of lateral deflection depends on the convolution number of the bellows on each side of the expansion joint. This amount can also be increased by changing the length of the intermediate pipe. The tie rods are also effective to prevent possible torsion forces.

Advantages of Universal Tied Expansion Joints

  • Absorption of lateral movements in all planes
  • Easy to absorb large expansion movements
  • Minimum application area
  • Preventing axial inaccuracies increases the system safety